Why should call a professional landscaper? Here are 4 key benefits

To properly design a dream outdoor space to meet all their needs, many homeowners are tempted to hire a landscape architect. Not sure if his services are worth it? In this article, I’ll highlight some of the benefits of using an exterior design specialist.

What to expect

First, let’s demystify this profession. A landscape architect first meets with the client at the home to determine their needs and discuss their priorities. A dining area, a play area for the kids, more privacy, etc. It is also during this meeting that the client shares his or her personal tastes in terms of style. Contemporary, classic, or country style, the architect can create an adapted design. The professional will also take the measurements of the yard and will design a scale plan that will contain all the requested elements. This document is very precise. It includes, among other things, the type of wood proposed for the deck, the specifications of the furniture, the names of the suggested plants, the color of the shed’s covering or the places where the seats will be installed. Some even add the quantities of materials to be purchased to make things easier for the customer.

Several types of services for all needs

Once the plan is in hand, the client has three choices. They can do it themselves, which means hiring the necessary labor, shopping for materials, and supervising the work. This option is much less expensive than if the architect is also hired to manage the execution of the plan. Indeed, in this second scenario, the professional will spend a lot of time negotiating prices with the different suppliers and will be present at the house when the work force comes. The third choice, rather affordable, is to hire the architect only for a home visit. He will give his expert advice to the client as well as his ideas, but without designing a plan.

The Benefits

There are several advantages to working with this professional.

A) He knows the municipal and environmental rules

When it comes to yard design, the homeowner is not completely free. In fact, each municipality has its own rules. For example, do you know how far your shed must be from the neighbouring property line? What is the maximum height allowed for a pergola? Can you install speakers? Taking these rules lightly is a risk that can be costly. Municipal inspectors will not hesitate to force you to redevelop certain areas if they do not respect the urban planning rules in place.

B) His experience will help you realize your vision

Have you ever renovated a room in your home and been disappointed with the results? It is not always easy to achieve the decor you have in mind. The same goes for the yard.

C) He can offer you greener choices

Being familiar with the landscaping industry, the landscape architect is aware of all the trends and possibilities for your yard. For example, if you want your yard to be designed in an environmentally friendly manner, he can guide you by making sure to reduce heat islands, by choosing sustainable materials, by choosing wood from eco-responsible cuts or by using recyclable materials such as stainless steel for your fountain or pool.

D) He will carry out his mandate according to your budget

This professional is more than an artist, he is also a good manager. At the beginning of the project, the client will inform him of a maximum budget and this amount will not be exceeded. However, if you don’t have a large sum of money to start with, the landscape architect will ask you to be more realistic and to review your priorities.


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