10 Decor Inspirations to Create a Welcoming Holiday Front Door

It’s not just our interiors that we can transform at this most magical time of the year. Our front doors can also get in on the holiday cheer. Indeed, there is nothing more eye-catching than a handsomely decorated house to celebrate the season. 
Here are 10 inspiring Christmas decor ideas for an enchanting front porch or door. Whether rustic, classic or contemporary, there is someting to suit every taste and budget. 
Photo courtesy of instagram@crateandbarrel
1— Containers that Steal the Show
Matte textures are one of 2021’s projected trends, just like curved lines. Spherical flowerpots in a concrete finish might be just the thing to dress up your ornamental pine trees in winter or your flower arrangements in summer. 
Photo courtesy of Pinterest/Sanctuary Holiday Home Decor
2— Back to the Family Farm
There always seems to be something somewhat traditional about Christmas decorations, calling back to bygone days. No matter if your residence is located in an urban or rural area, or if it is of a modern or farmhouse design, you can use rustic or folklore-inspired ornaments to embellish your front door for the holidays. See for yourself!
Photo courtesy of Pinterest/Front Gate
3— The Power of Gold
Metals have been very trendy in 2020. The luxurious look of gold especially, as it has the power to turn an ordinary room into a sophisticated space.  
Photo courtesy of In*******@_c********.passion
4— An Enchanted Outdoor Living Room
Christmas lights are truly heartwarming in the evenings, so why not set up an outdoor living room from where you can fully admire them? Thick blankets, candles and plush seating is all you need to create this little winter hideaway! 
Photo courtesy of Instagram@decorsveronneau
5— Updated Classics
For a classic and modern decor scheme that stands out, arrange some birch logs and frosted greenery in a planter. For an added touch of elegance, include imposing elements in neutral tones like white concrete sculptures.  
Photo courtesy of Pinterest/ Grandin Road
6— The Illusion of Depth
Don’t just focus on the front door but extend your decorating along the path to the house by placing various ornaments and items at different levels around the door, down the steps and on the ground. By layering in this way, you will add interest to your wintry tableau.
Photo courtesy of Pinterest/House & Home
7— A Pretty Side Door
Are you the owner of an intergenerational home? The door to the second residence can also take part in the festive cheer. In this example, an old-fashioned wooden sled has been “forgotten” by the door, a seasonal welcome mat has been laid and a tone-on-tone wreath has been hung. The result: a contemporary holiday ambiance. 
Photo courtesy of Pinterest/Romodelando la Casa
8— Maximum Height
This door appears to be far taller than it really is thanks to the three superimposed wreaths. The festive ribbon holding them all in place also serves a decorative function. Two wooden planter boxes complete the arrangement. 
Photo courtesy of instagram@decorsveronneau-gambling reno
9— Picture Perfect
Do you have a wide front porch? This is the ideal place to set the tone for your Christmas decorations by creating a chalet-inspired rest area. Start with a comfortable upholstered chair, then place various winter-themed elements such as lanterns, skis, sleds, skates and logs. 
Photo courtesy of Pinterest/Natal para jardim
10— Just the Right Amount of Contrast
Is your door painted in a dark colour but your siding is in a light shade? Make the most of this contrast by juxtaposing both black and white decorative items.
The holiday season is the best time of the year to lighten all our hearts by decorating and illumination our front doors. Don’t you agree?

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