Why choose to work with a broker to deal your real estate transaction?

Here is why, it is necessary in today’s market, to do business with real estate professionals.

1. You will be accompanied and advised at each stage of your project

Whether it is to do a personalized search according to your criteria, to deal with the other party involved according to your best interests, to make a study of comparable sales, or else to assess your property, there is no one better qualified as a real estate broker! The broker will follow you in each of these steps and will be there to answer your questions, as well as give you the right time and represent your best interests. He will also know how to handle multiple offers, because in the current market where the inventory is lower than the number of buyers ready to buy, it is very likely that you will be positioned in a situation of multiple offers.

2. Your broker will be available to you

When you are looking for a home, or when your property is on the market, the demands of your supervisor will not decrease  for this reason. You will not necessarily have several hours a week to search for properties, or to advertise your home. The broker is there to perform these tasks for you and in the most efficient way possible. He will coordinate each visit, and publish and advertise your property so that it sells faster. He will be available at all times and according to your schedule.

3. You will have peace of mind following your transaction

Even in a transaction that seems easy to you, the broker works hard on his side to plan everything and that everything aligns correctly. In addition, doing business with a broker guarantees you professional liability insurance, offered by the Organisme d’Autoréglementation du Courtage Immobilier du Québec. You will therefore not be left to your own devices if the buyer of your property decides to sue you for latent defect after a few years.

4. The broker can give you objective advice

Real estate transactions can become very emotional moments in the lives of clients. The broker will be there to make you think rationally and put emotions aside. He will impose himself as a referee, neutral and outside the situation. He will present to you in an honest manner, the real value of the elements of your house or that which you covet to buy.

5. The broker has a developed network of professionals in the field

Whether it is to find a trusted notary, a qualified and professional building inspector, a mortgage representative, the real estate broker will guide you to the best person for you and your needs.

6. The broker will negotiate for you

In today’s market, where a large number of sales end in multiple offers, it is strongly advised to use the services of a broker to represent you, both as a buyer and as a seller. This will ensure that your needs and your best interests are protected and defended. He will be your representative to the other parties involved.

To conclude, in the current market, it is essential to call on a real estate broker to represent you in your real estate transaction. This will ensure that your project proceeds in the best possible way, and that you are protected for the years following it. You will also benefit from a network of highly qualified and reliable professionals in the field.


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